Sunday, May 20, 2007

Such a good thing

OK I had a falling out with an artist that I LOVE, it was stupid and mostly me, well, it has really bothered me for a very long time, I adore this person and it made me sad we were no longer friends , so I wrote to her this past friday and told her I was very sorry and basically I was a great big stupidhead. Well long story short, she wrote back saying how happy she was I wrote and she too missed my friendship and she was sorry for anything she did that hurt my feelings.

I am so happy we are now maybe on our way back to a friendship. So I guess my message for tonight is this, if you have had a falling out with someone , call them and say "I am sorry", you will not regret it. Even if they are not ready to accept it, you have at least opened the door.

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my name is Dorothy said...

Jodi, I figured it out (how yo leave a comment!) and I wanted to say that I am touched and inspired by your act of compassion. Friends are so special and to be treasured. I am glad you took that first step and have your friend back.